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2019 巴西战舞杭州&北京升级仪式 Capoeira Mandinga China Batizado 2019

Capoeira Mandinga 杭州&北京升级仪式将于2019年7月5日、6日和7日在杭州举行!!届时,来自巴西,美国,南非,台湾,大陆其他城市的巴西战舞练习者和爱好者将会齐聚一堂!我们盛情邀请你来杭州加入我们的Capoeira大家庭,一起见证中国巴西战舞的发展! Capoeira Mandinga Hangzhou & Beijing are hosting 2019 joined Batizado "Além da grande muralha" and workshops on JULY 5th, 6th and 7th, 2019 in HANGZHOU, China. The event will feature special guests from Brazil, The United States, South Africa, Taiwan, Mainland Chinese cities and other countries from all over the world. [...]

2019 巴西战舞杭州&北京升级仪式 Capoeira Mandinga China Batizado 20192019-05-30T17:22:46+08:00

杭州8月特训 | Cenoura副大师工作坊 Workshop with CM Cenoura in August

8月21日至26日来自以色列的Cordão de Ouro流派的客座Cenoura副大师将前来进行特别课程,大家不要错过!更多详细信息和价格请在下方查看。 Special capoeira workshop with Contra-Mestre Cenoura from "Cordão de Ouro" (Israel), starting from Tuesday, August 21st to August 26th. Don't miss it! Please check more detailed information and prices below. CM Cenoura 于2000年与著名大师Edan开始练capoeira(巴西战舞)并且在2018年获得Contra-Mestra副大师腰带。Cenoura副大师会于8月21日至26日在杭州授课capoeira中的实战技巧、摔跤、花式动作、特技等。副大师详情介绍请参考这个贴子。 CM Cenoura started capoeira in 2000 with mestre Edan in Israel. He got hist Contra-Mestre belt in 2018. [...]

杭州8月特训 | Cenoura副大师工作坊 Workshop with CM Cenoura in August2018-08-01T00:56:37+08:00

September in Shanghai: Workshop with CM Janaína / Janaína副大师工作坊(上海9月)

我们很高兴地宣布在9月会有一系列活动!首先,来自慕尼黑CDO团队的 Contra-Mestra Janaína 会于9月10日-9月16日在上海授课。其次,我们还将举办一项特别的活动 - 临安巴西战舞训练营。更多详细信息和价格请在下方查看。 We are happy to announce that we will hold an event this September. Contra-Mestra Janaína is coming from CDO Munich to teach a few classes (September 10th - September 16th). We will also have a special activity - a capoeira weekend away from the city. Please check more detailed [...]

September in Shanghai: Workshop with CM Janaína / Janaína副大师工作坊(上海9月)2018-07-23T15:48:08+08:00


浪个里个啷!七月朝晖公园户外RODA,英雄好汉父老乡亲兄弟姐妹们不要错过! We would like to invite you to our monthly open roda on July 29th (Sunday). All the capoeiristas are welcome to join for free. Come play capoeira and music and sing with us! If you are interested, but haven't tried capoeira before, feel free to stop by and have a look! This will be a [...]

七月公开月度RODA | OUTDOOR OPEN RODA IN HANGZHOU2018-07-23T15:38:06+08:00

Batizado 2017巴西战舞升级仪式活动报名通知

我们的第十届升级仪式即将到来了!Mandinga是大陆规模最大的巴西战舞流派,在2017年四月21、22、23号这三天的时间里,上海、北京、杭州三个团队将联手协办历届以来最盛大的年度升级仪式。本届嘉宾为我们Manginga流派的创始人 Marcelo大师,莫斯科CDO流派的 Tico大师,以及意大利的Diego Guerreiro教授。还没有参与巴西战舞这项运动的小伙伴们注意啦! Capoeira Mandinga cordially invites you to join us for our 10th annual batizado and troca de cordão! The event will take place April 21 - 23. Mestre Marcelo & Mestre Tico will be teaching workshops after the batizado in 3 cities: Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. Our special guests this year | [...]

Batizado 2017巴西战舞升级仪式活动报名通知2017-03-31T13:34:13+08:00

初级班报名 Beginner group enrollment

Capoeira(也称卡波耶拉、巴西战舞)来自巴西,是一种集合了格斗术、连贯动作训练、体操和音乐等实战元素为一体的特殊艺术形式。对于想边玩边提高力量,柔韧和协调性的朋友们,巴西战舞是最适合你的运动了! Capoeira is an art-form from Brazil that combines in its practice elements of martial arts, flow of movement, acrobatics & music. Capoeira is a perfect activity for outgoing people looking to improve strength, flexibility and coordination in a fun environment. 我们是杭州Capoeira学校,我们主要通过卡波耶拉和其他巴非舞蹈的训练和表演来宣传这种与众不同的艺术形式。学校开设了初级和中级成人巴西战舞课程。 We are a school of contemporary capoeira in Hangzhou, training and performing different [...]

初级班报名 Beginner group enrollment2016-11-13T14:40:05+08:00

Além do Mar – Batizado 2016 上海&杭州巴西战舞升级仪式

一年一度的升级仪式到来了,上海&杭州曼丁加团队邀请你参加这个美好的活动,让我们一起学习、欢笑。从4月27日,Mestre Marcelo 将在活动前在上海开工作坊,Mestre Lobão 会从5月3日-5日在上海开工作坊,欢迎参加!升级仪式将在杭州举行,从4月30日到5月2日。 Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai & Hangzhou cordially invite you to join us for our 9th annual batizado and troca de cordão! The event will take place April 30th - May 2nd. Mestre Marcelo will be in Shanghai starting April 27th, teaching workshops leading up to the batizado, and Mestre Lobão will be [...]

Além do Mar – Batizado 2016 上海&杭州巴西战舞升级仪式2016-11-13T14:40:05+08:00

2016 Class resumed! 杭州巴西战舞开课啦!

大家好!新年快乐! 这周二(2月16日)我们将恢复巴西战舞的日常课程。新的学期我们会有更多精彩活动:外宾特训及工作坊、升级仪式Batizado等! Hi everyone and Happy Lunar New Year! Please note that Capoeira class will resume from this TUESDAY, February 16th! In the new season we will have more interesting activities: special guests, workshops and batizado ceremony!

2016 Class resumed! 杭州巴西战舞开课啦!2016-02-15T21:52:05+08:00

春节期间课程安排 Schedule for CNY week

春节期间课程安排:从2月1号到2月15号所有的课程取消了。 教室从 2月16号(周二)恢复正常上课时间。 请大家知晓~ 春节快乐! Please keep in mind the following schedule for CNY week. All classes from Feb 1st to Feb 15th cancelled. CLASSES RESUME 16 FEB on Tuesday.

春节期间课程安排 Schedule for CNY week2016-01-26T01:01:05+08:00

Welcome to the new Mandinga Hangzhou website / 欢迎到杭州巴西战舞新网站

After a couple of months of planning, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website - We tried to keep it simple and put all most important information about Capoeira in Hangzhou in one page, in two languages, English and Chinese. Thanks to the previous website creator, web-master and domain owner, Andrey Danilov (a.k.a. Cotonete), [...]

Welcome to the new Mandinga Hangzhou website / 欢迎到杭州巴西战舞新网站2015-07-08T06:00:43+08:00