8月21日至26日来自以色列的Cordão de Ouro流派的客座Cenoura副大师将前来进行特别课程,大家不要错过!更多详细信息和价格请在下方查看。

Special capoeira workshop with Contra-Mestre Cenoura from “Cordão de Ouro” (Israel), starting from Tuesday, August 21st to August 26th. Don’t miss it! Please check more detailed information and prices below.

CM Cenoura 于2000年与著名大师Edan开始练capoeira(巴西战舞)并且在2018年获得Contra-Mestra副大师腰带。Cenoura副大师会于8月21日至26日在杭州授课capoeira中的实战技巧、摔跤、花式动作、特技等。副大师详情介绍请参考这个贴子

CM Cenoura started capoeira in 2000 with mestre Edan in Israel. He got hist Contra-Mestre belt in 2018. Cenoura will teach one week of workshops in Hangzhou, including practical capoeira techniques, takedowns, counter-attacks and floreios (acrobatics). Read the interview with Cenoura to get him know better.

特训安排及地点 Workshop Schedule & Venues

  • 8月21日-24日  晚上8点至10点 – 巴西战舞特训(各个级别) 国都商务大厦2101室
    Aug, 21st – 24th – 8pm to 10pm – Capoeira Workshops at Guodu commercial bldg, 2101
  • 8月25日 周六 – 全天 – 体操课、巴西战舞特训、训练Roda
    Aug, 25th Sat – all day – Acrobatics, Capoeira workshop, Training roda.
  • 8月26日 周日 – 全天 –  音乐课、巴西战舞特训、公开户外Roda
    Aug, 26th Sun – all day – Music class, Capoeira workshop, Open outdoor roda.

课程信息和价格 Classes info and prices

  • 1节课 400元* (付九月学费的会员价:250元)
    1 class 400 RMB (250 for members who paid for the month of August)
  • 3节课 800元* (付九月学费的会员价:500元)
    3 classes half workshop 800 RMB (500 if paid for August)
  • 7节课 1100元* (付九月学费的会员价:800元)
    7 classes full workshop 1100 RMB (800 if paid for August)

早鸟价 (8月5日前支付)Early bird discount (if paid before August 5th)

  • 1节课 300元 (付九月学费的会员价:150元)
    1 class 300 RMB (150 for members who paid for the month of August)
  • 3节课 700元 (付九月学费的会员价:400元)
    3 classes half workshop 700 RMB (400 if paid for August)
  • 7节课 1000元 (付九月学费的会员价:700元)
    7 classes full workshop 1000 RMB (700 if paid for August)
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