September in Shanghai: Workshop with CM Janaína / Janaína副大师工作坊(上海9月)

我们很高兴地宣布在9月会有一系列活动!首先,来自慕尼黑CDO团队的 Contra-Mestra Janaína 会于9月10日-9月16日在上海授课。其次,我们还将举办一项特别的活动 – 临安巴西战舞训练营。更多详细信息和价格请在下方查看。

We are happy to announce that we will hold an event this September. Contra-Mestra Janaína is coming from CDO Munich to teach a few classes (September 10th – September 16th). We will also have a special activity – a capoeira weekend away from the city. Please check more detailed information and prices below.

CM Janaina in China, Shanghai

CM Janaína 于1999年与Suassuna开始练巴西战舞并且在2013年成为Professora,于2017年获得Contra-Mestra腰带。自2014年起,她一直在慕尼黑CDO教课。

CM Janaína started capoeira in 1999 with mestre Suassuna. She became Professora in 2013 and got the Contra-Mestre belt in 2017. She has been teaching in Munich since 2014.

特训安排及学费 / More info about classes and fees: